A Real Place

A Real Place

Be part of the next big thing

Game-changers like this come along exactly - once. This patented technology will create a new communications platform - a new market and a new revenue stream.

First, this is not an Internet-based platform. Despite its immense contribution, the Internet has reduced human contact and replaced real face-to-face interaction. Talking to each other through computers is starting to get boring!

What is a Real Place?

The next big thing will be real social networking – that is social interaction in real life. This patented technology will lead the way worldwide. We call this new platform: A Real Place and it is the only viable platform.

A Real Place is simply: A place that works like the Internet but people can actually go there and talk to each other in real life.

It is the first in a new generation of real social networking platforms.

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Also here: US Patent 7111244

The Market

The demand for this new service is huge. After test marketing on Facebook, A Real Place easily gained thirty thousand likes – before we’ve even built it - but more importantly: 71% of our target audience of 45 million people like it, when they find out about it. That’s 32 million customers in the US and the UK - both countries where it is patented.

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Synergy with Electronic Social Media

A Real Place will give Social Media a whole new dimension: Real social interaction. People find out what's being discussed online and meet in-person in a Real Place. Blogs, tweets and audio can be recorded live. Trending topics can be discussed in A Real Place and concurrently online. A Real Place will extend the Internet into physical space.

Meeting the Need

Recent technology has left people isolated at a computer. A Real place is the first in a new generation of technologies that offer real social connection.

Why do people go to coffee shops and bars? Not just to consume coffee and alcohol – it’s to connect with people. A Real Place meets this simple human need.

Enter Reality>>

When people are able to connect with each other in real life - they will expect all social media platforms to provide this function. When users experience real social connection it will be impossible to go back to purely ‘electronic’ social media.

New Business, New Markets and New Revenue Streams

The Internet is a crowded market – it’s over-saturated. Unlike internet-based platforms a Real Place can be monetized directly - through the trusted method of charging customers for the service we provide. This applies to business forums as well as social and networking forums.

Modern business is about networking – we do it online and soon we will do it in-person in a Real Place.

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A Real Place LLC

We have set up a company to utilize this patented technology – A Real Place LLC.

A Real Place will become first choice in existing market sectors (such as business conferencing and networking). It will also create completely new markets with very high barriers to entry.

Our Strategic Partners

We will form strategic partnerships with Social Media companies offering access to a Real Place.

Our infrastructure consortium will consist of companies who are leaders in: Visual Display Technology, Integrated Computer Systems, Interior Design & Construction.

Service delivery will also be made available by franchise for partners in: Conferencing & Conventions, Bars, Night Life venues, Cafes, Coffee Shops & Hospitality.

The Bottom Line

Convention centers, nightclubs and coffee shops can already be operated at profit. All are much more profitable when they have a strong USP that drives customers to the business. A Real Place will provide this USP – as well as an additional revenue stream.

The Real Place platform required to transform these businesses will be mass-produced at low cost.

Intellectual Property

  • First and foremost US Patent 7111244.
  • The trademarked name A Real Place™ which will become synonymous with the concept.
  • The Internet domain name: www.aRealPlace.com
  • The Enter Reality >> symbol (trademark pending) which links the Internet to A Real Place. The Enter Reality >> symbol has an extremely high click through rate of 5-12%. Of course, you can’t click through it to the real world - but people really want to!

Business Activities:

  • Providing technology and systems that bring real-life face-to-face networking up to and beyond the level of the Internet.
  • Licensing and franchising of technology and systems for real-life face-to-face networking events.
  • Licensing and franchising patents, trademarks and intellectual property associated with real-life face-to-face forums and networking events.
  • The provision of meetings, conferences, conventions, forums, public consultations and real-life social networking events.
  • Advanced networking for business, education, science, medicine, culture, entertainment, civic and community forums.
  • Online services associated with real-life face-to-face networking events.

The Real Place platform is based on a very well established technology – computer driven electronic display systems. Development will create an architecture where the user feels they are ‘physically inside the Internet’. It will be mass produced at low cost.